Savvy Storage Solutions


Are you constantly wishing you have more space in your home?  Do you feel like there’s just not enough room to store your belongings?  Well, think again!!  Surely you have some nooks and crannies that aren’t being utilized, and those little tiny spaces are surprisingly the perfect space-savers.  This activity requires thinking outside of the box.  So, walk around your home and put your brain to work!  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1)     The wall makes a perfect place to hide larger and obnoxious objects.  For example, is your ironing board always in the way?  Make room in your bedroom or laundry room by installing a built-in ironing board– the kind that you pull down out of the wall.  The same can apply to a changing table in a nursery.  You can even create little cubby holes with the wall and store baby items such as diapers, wipes, lotions, and other items.  Then, you conceal the shelving unit with the changing table that pulls down out of the wall.  See image below:


2)     What about a trundle bed?  The trundle with built-in drawers is amazing way to keep your room tidy while also having extra storage for your clothes.  There is plenty of space beneath your bed to be utilized, so why not take advantage of the space and cleanliness by purchasing a trundle!

3)     Here’s a great idea for creating a larger feel between your kitchen and den! Check out this wall divider that takes one room and breaks it into two smaller rooms while still allowing for an open and airy feel.  The shelving unit also creates vertical space to store your dishes, nick-knacks, or decorations!

4)     Bathroom shelving is a savvy and stylish way to store your necessities.  Shelves are perfect for towels, perfume, makeup and other bathroom essentials.   They create a whole new level of organization and can double as décor, as well.

5)     Take advantage of any alcove you have and put your home office in the nook!  Little alcoves are usually a great size for a small computer-sized desk and chair.  Once again, you can hang a few shelves above the computer for placing books and other items related to your new “home office”.

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